Entry #1

Creating Equivelency

2009-01-22 16:53:26 by FrYxTrAnCe

Well Creating Equivelency is back online now after four months of being out of comission. My recent Album "Yet to precede" Managed to sell over 400 copies. Which Isn't bad considering I have no record deal. All the songs/albums/album covers/ and designs were made personally by me, and I continued to sell copies to those who enjoyed it.

My latest album that is being used as my comeback, is titled, "Black-lit Graffiti" Which is now on sell by Direct buy.

Creating Equivelency consist of a few people. Myself, and the one who mixes the music and takes care of all my tones and soundpools needed to make the music.
A thanks to Beast for all the awesome jobs hes done helping me sell my first album and getting me my first show at "The Pit" In Jacksonville Florida.
Another thanks to Chad Hutto. This works...hard.
Lastly a Thanks to Zach Bees. Your a awesome manager dude, wouldn't trade you for the world.
More from Creating soon hopefully.


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